Inside, connect with other “similarly equipped” women, enabling every woman to share experiences, questions and knowledge amongst other women… many, also, having the same equipment as her ;-)

June 30, 2018 is a Training/Tech Support Membership Community, supporting the Mobile Technology Industry for Women.

This ever-growing site is focused on streamlining the power-and-possibilities that Mobile Tech offers, while minimizing all of the electronic-frustration(s) that come along with being unsure HOW to do what you want to do, electronically.

The sole focus of this site is the optimization of the experience between a Woman and Her Mobile Device. Which means, every woman with a Smartphone, iPad/Tablet, E-reader, or Laptop will be able to find varying degrees of benefit and guidance, from other women around the world, on ways she can optimize Her Mobile Devices, to improve her life.

The goal is, increased productivity - while eliminating, or at least minimizing, every bit of mobile-stress that's associated with not knowing how to do (what you want to) with your e-quipment!

There'll also be a strong concentration on the Digital Nomad Lifestyle, with "live field reports" from women traveling the World - making a living from their Laptop and Smartphones.

Plus, much, much more!